Carlyn Buckler

Assistant Professor, Science Museum Studies

Ph.D. University of Missouri, Columbia
B.S. California State University, East Bay

I teach Science Museum Studies courses at CGP and I am passionate about the public understanding of science. With a doctorate in molecular genetics and ten years experience in genetics research, I also bring to CGP over a decade of experience in the research and practice of communicating science to the public. Through the Paleontological Research Institution, its Museum of the Earth, and Cayuga Nature Center, I have developed education programs, quantitative and qualitative evaluation, national citizen science projects, as well as seminars on food preservation and wine tasting.

From climate change, to food security and energy transitions, as a society many of the problems we face today have to do with science. Museums provide spaces for the public to grapple with these issues, to learn about the process of science and how we know what we know about Earth processes. In my classes, you will “get your hands dirty” to really understand everything from the local environment to critical zone science and digital technologies. My passion for issues of social justice, innovation, diversity, inclusion, and understanding the needs of the communities we serve is also expressed in my curriculum and student projects. We train professionals to address current science issues in their communities, to support a more informed and democratic electorate, and to instill in children a passion for learning about the natural world.