On Saturday, May 13, CGP graduated 31 students, one of its largest classes ever. In the morning ceremony at SUNY Oneonta, graduates were hooded by Dean Dr. Tracy Allen. The evening CGP ceremony, held at the Cooperstown High School featured speeches by Dr. Gretchen Sorin, Dr. Tracy Allen, and student Andrew Lang. The faculty members each chose several students to share stories about, and special awards were given out. A video of the evening ceremony can be found on the CGP Facebook group.

As a class gift, each student donated $31 dollars (representing 31 students) to the Ann Stewart Internship Fund in memory of our much loved Ann Stewart. With help from family, students raised $2,000 dollars for the fund, which is now fully endowed. If you, too, would like to contribute, you can do so here.

Congratulations to the CGP Class of 2017, all of whom will undoubtedly go on to do wonderful things.