Core Required Classes:

HMUS 500    Introduction to Museums

SMUS 501    Collections Acquisition, Care, and Management (Natural History and Science )

HMUS 502    Museum Administration

HMUS 515    Museum Project Management

SMUS 525    Science and Society

HMUS 510    Professional Seminar (2 years)

SMUS 600    Science Learning

SMUS 575    Science Museum Methods

SMUS 580    Internship I

Research Courses (Choose 2):

SMUS 690    Citizen Science

SMUS 695    Science Cabinet of Curiosities

Diversity Course (Choose 1)*:

HISC 530    Identity and Activism

HISC 531    Migration and Community

HISC 545    Landscapes, Cultures, and the Environment

HMUS 525    Civil Rights History

HMUS 534    Cultural Encounters

HMUS 535    Design for Accessibility

HMUS 542    Boards and Governance

*Diversity courses and research courses cannot double count

Electives: 18-19 Credits

HMUS 542    Boards and Governance

HMUS 548    Cultural Entrepreneurship

HMUS 535    Designing for Accessibility

HISC 545    Landscapes, Cultures, and the Environment

HISC 531    Migration and Community

HISC 530    Identity and Activism

BIOL 617    Advanced Biological Literacy

BIOL 344    Field Entomology

BIOL 555    Biological Invasions

BIOL 647    Systematics

BIOL 683    Wetland Plant ID and Delineation

BIOL 691    Management of Aquatic Biota

SMUS 545    Echos from Earth’s History

SMUS 698    Thesis Research*

SMUS 699    Thesis Writing*

*Thesis option available only to students wishing to pursue a PhD later

SMUS 588 Museums, Landscapes and Society in the Canary Islands (Winter Field Trip)

HMUS 504    Applied Museum Education & Interpretation

HMUS 550    Topics in Museum Studies

SMUS 639    Digital Technology in Museums

HMUS 551    Independent Studies: Museum Studies

HMUS 581    Internship II

HMUS 546    Visitor Experience

HMUS 547    Museum Finance

HMUS 508    Strategic Planning in Museums

HMUS 506    Fundraising and Development

HMUS 538    Introduction to Museum Marketing

HMUS 540    Applied Museum Marketing

HMUS 525    Civil Rights History

HMUS 507    Building Your Professional Identity

SMUS 535 History of Science and Science Museums