what is museum studies?

In essence, Museum Studies looks at the ways museums impact and serve their communities. It includes the study of best practices, ethics, and methods of effective museums.

At CGP, we offer a generalist approach to Museum Studies. Students have the opportunity to explore all aspects of museum work including everything from collections to fundraising. Along the way, students discover their interests and focuses in the field and create for themselves an interdisciplinary course of study.

Our classes focus on project-based learning, so students graduate with concrete skills and experiences. We partner with local museums, historical societies, schools, and nonprofits to work on interpretive plans, educational programs, budgets, exhibits, and more so that the work we do in class has real-world impact.

what can I do with a museum studies degree?

There’s much more to museum work than being a curator (although we train curators too). CGP graduates go on to work in exhibits, development, public programming, administration, education, accessibility, collections, and more! Outside of museums, our students are also qualified to work in a variety of other non-profits and community-centered institutions.

CGP alumni by position

Hover over sections of the pie chart below to see what positions our alumni hold.

Independent Museum Professionals: 6.9%
University Faculty/Folklorists/Historians: 5.7%
Registrars/Collections Mgmt./Archivists: 5%
Currently Seeking Employment: 4.1%
Historical Preservation: 0.8%

Directors/CEOs/Managers: 46%
Curator & Exhibitions: 11%
Educators (Museum & Non-Museum): 10.7%
Development/Marketing/PR: 10.2%
Other Professional Fields: 8.2%